CTR 1/1 (Fall 2003): The Legacy of W. A. Criswell

“‘With a Bible in My Hand’: The Preaching Legacy of W. A. Criswell”
-David Allen

“The Imponderables of God”
-Paige Patterson

“W. A. Criswell: A Modern Athanasius”
-C. Richard Wells

“The Mourner’s Bench: The Call to Decision by Dr. W. A. Criswell”
-Ergun Mehmet Caner

“Pathos, Ethos and Logos: The Preaching of W. A. Criswell”
-Lamar E. Cooper, Sr.

“The Rhetoric of W. A. Criswell: Implications for Preaching”
-Rick Garner

“Logic and Argumentation in Homiletics”
-M. Todd Bates

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