CTR 1/2 (Spring 2004): Open Theism

“Open Theism: Evangelicalism’s Latest Controversy”
-R. Alan Streett

“From Bad to Worse: A Portrait of Open Theism as a Theological System”
-A. Boyd Luter and Emily Hunter McGowin

“A Response to ‘From Bad to Worse’”
-Clark H. Pinnock

“A Response to Clark Pinnock”
-Emily Hunter McGowin

“Some Logical Difficulties in Open Theism”
-Douglas S. Huffman

“Robots, Royalty, and Relationships? Toward a Clarified Understanding of Real Human Relations with God Who Knows and Decrees All That Is”
-Bruce A. Ware

“God’s Relation to the World: Terrance Tiessen’s Proposal on Providence and Prayer”
-Steve W. Lemke

“Open Theism: A Selective and Annotated Bibliography”
-Glenn R. Wittig

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