CTR 4/1 (Fall 2006): Tongues on Fire

CTR 4.1From the Editor
– by R. Alan Streett

Interview with Tom Hatley, Former Chair, International Mission Board of Trustees (Southern Baptist Convention)
– by R. Alan Streett
[see response from Wade Burleson]

“A History of Influence: The Charismatic Movement and the SBC”
– by Edward Watson

“Confessions of a Post-Pentecostal Believer in the Charismatic Gifts”
– by Roger E. Olson

“Tongues as the Initial Evidence of Baptism in the Holy Spirit–A Pentecostal Perspective”
– by Paul G. Chappell

“The Incompatibility of a Christian Perspective and Sign Gifts”
– by Barry K. Creamer

“The Heart of a Baptist”
– by Malcolm B. Yarnell, III

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