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-William “Billy” Sunday

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“To Drink or Not To Drink: A Sober Look at the Question”
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28 Responses to CTR 5/2 (Spring 2008): Christians and Alcohol

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  3. There is no such thing as unfermented wine. The yeast exists on each grape berry (the dust you see on each grape), and fermentation starts the moment the berry skin is broken. Unfermented grape juice can exist only if pasteurized. Even refrigerated juice will ferment over time, as will most cold things–just look in the back of your refrigerator at the stuff you have not thrown out for months.
    Alcohol abuse can cause many problems, but abuse is the problem. I have not heard anyone saying that believers should quit eating because many are gluttons, or that they should give up sex because of its abuse, or that believers should stop drinking water because drinking too much can flush the body of electrolytes and cause heart stoppage. Also if you are going to act like a Nazerite, then you must give up raisins also.
    If you want to see what Calvin, Luther, and other pillars of the church thought of alcohol consumption, check out Pastor Jim West’s book, Drinking with Calvin and Luther. Historically, abstention is a very recent phenomenon, and mostly American. Please do not say,”But we know more now.” God knew all about alcohol when He invented wine.
    God states in Judges 9.13 that wine cheers Him, and He considers it so highly that Jesus chose wine as the perfect symbol of his blood. God lists 5 gifts in Psalm 104.14-15–rain, food from the earth, bread, oil, and wine. So how many have rejected God’s gift of bread or oil? It is risky business trying to be more spiritual than Jesus!!

  4. joelpatrick says:

    My response to Land and Duke’s article:

    ‘The Christian and Alcohol’ A Response to Land & Duke

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  6. anne robare says:

    Jesus Christ drank wine. He changed the water into wine in Jn 2:1-11 but for a very good reason. What was symbolized in Jn 2:1-11? None of you know and that is why you argue about things like physical wine and whether or not we can drink it.

    The problem with you baptists and multitudes of others is that you have never received God’s Power from on High, the Power that gives true Christians Wisdom from God, Righteousness from God, Holiness from God and Redemption from God, 1Co 1. You do not have the saving Mind of Christ, 1Co 2. You have never received the anointing from the Holy One of God that teaches those who receive it, 1Jn 2. Why? Because you believe in a false carnal baptism given by the hands of men instead of the spiritual New Covenant baptism given by God. You remain in the flesh under the Law of Sin and Death, not the Law of the Spirit of Life. That is why you have these kinds of issues that will never be an issue among true Christians.

    We are commanded to: “Set your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are upon the earth!” We are also commanded to test ourselves and the spirits, 2Co 13; 1Jn 4. So, here are 4 simple, basic but extremely critical Gospel Truth questions with very easy, short answers:

    1) Jesus Christ told us to seek first God’s Kingdom and God’s Righteousness, Mt 6:33a. This command is expounded in other Scriptures but probably best of all in Ro 1:16-25. In the Scriptures there is a Righteousness from God revealed that is by Faith and this is what we must believe according to Scriptures such as Mk 1:14-15. What, exactly, is it that we must find first, believe in and make more important than our own physical life?
    2) When Jesus Christ changed the water into wine, He revealed His Glory, Jn 2:1-11. What was symbolized when He changed the water into wine?
    3) All true Christians must leave the Law of Sin and Death and belong to the Law of the Spirit of Life to be saved, Ro 1-8. How, exactly, do we leave the Law of Sin and Death to belong to the Law of the Spirit of Life? Paul described how it is done in Ro 1-8 but what he wrote there can be correctly summarized in a short paragraph by a true Christian who has experienced it but not by a false Christian.
    4) In 2Th 2, Paul warned about a terrible lie that the man of sin, the lawless one who is the liar, uses to deceive. Paul revealed what the lie is in plain language in 2Th 2 as well. What is the lie? All true Christians will have THE MIND OF CHRIST and they will know but false Christians will not know. What is the lie? If you do not know what the lie is, then how do you know that you are not following it?

    In God’s Love as He defines Love,
    anne robare / canawedding at aol dot com – you may email me to notify me if you reply to this comment

  7. N. Silvernail says:

    To avoid a debate on the issue, I’d like to share my own personal story. I struggled with this very question for years, I also drank for years. I am a Christian and believe Christ is God’s son and came to earth. I believe Christ died and rose 3 days later, just like the scriptures read. I believe that scripture was God inspired and written by men. Now that I got all that stated. My personal walk with Christ started in my mid 20’s. I was raised in a drinking family. We did not attend church or even discuss things of God. It was at the age of 24 that I called my father and said, “I need to change my life, I’m ready to accept Christ and follow him”. It was at this age my life took a new direction. As my life changed, I started to struggle with the drinking question. “Is it ok?” For many years I defended alcohol in saying that it was ok. I pointed out all the reasons in the Bible showing in some way that it was ok. For years I stuggled with this and had no real conviction about drinking not being ok. It was not until about a year ago that I started being consumed by the scripure that says, “do not get drunk on wine which leads to debaucher instead be filled with the Spirit”. (Eph 5:18) Even after hearing this and remembering this, every once and awhile I’d agree to having a glass of red wine. I would remember this scripture and know that the wine was effecting me in a way that I started to not like. Looking at this now, I know it is by the power of Holy Spirit that has helped shape my view on this issue. I have since stopped drinking and my mind seems to be that much more focused on God and the things of God. I’m not saying this is going to be the same for everyone, but it was for me. I know without a doubt that this was God’s will for my life and I am so glad that I listened to him.

  8. anne robare says:

    In reply to L.Silvernail,

    What, exactly, did you find when you obeyed Jesus Christ’s command in Mt 6:33a? Didn’t you read my questions above your comments? You can believe all sorts of things from the Scriptures but we were told to begin by seeking first God’s Kingdom and God’s Righteousness, Mt 6:33a. In the Gospel there is a Righteousness from God revealed that we must have Faith in, Ro 1:16-25. You must “ask … seek … knock”, Lk 11. Not one person can just “accept Christ”; it is a lie. The apostles and all other true Christian were always chosen by God, Jn 15. Why? They did what they were told to do! God saw in their hearts and minds that they had repented and believed as He has told us to do, Mk 1:14-15. What, exactly, did they believe? What we are told to seek first and find that is also the narrow Gate to the narrow Road that few will find, Mt 7. Many are called but few are chosen because few want to begin where God told us to begin, Mt 22.

    You think you have God’s saving Holy Spirit? Not if you have ignored and rejected the Righteousness that is revealed in the Gospel. I know you have never obeyed Mt 6:33a because it is always so obvious. This is why you are hung up on little rules and regulations and you do not have God’s Power to help you. Start over, as Paul described in Php 3! Begin where we must begin and here is more to help you:

    HEBREWS, especially Heb 1:1-3; Heb 5:12-6:2; Heb 9:10

    Heb 5:12-6:2: For when BY REASON OF THE TIME, YE OUGHT TO BE TEACHERS, ye have need again that someone TEACH YOU THE RUDIMENTS (Or: that One teach you which are the rudiments) OF THE FIRST PRINCIPLES (Gr: beginning) OF THE ORACLES OF GOD and are become such as have need of milk and not of solid food. For everyone, that partaketh of milk IS WITHOUT EXPERIENCE OF (Or: inexperienced in) THE WORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, FOR HE IS A BABE. But solid food is FOR FULLGROWN (Or: perfect) MEN, even those WHO BY REASON OF USE HAVE THEIR SENSES EXERCISED TO DISCERN GOOD AND EVIL. Wherefore, LEAVING THE DOCTRINE OF THE FIRST PRINCIPLES OF CHRIST (Gr: the Word of the beginning of Christ), LET US PRESS ON UNTO PERFECTION (Or: full growth), NOT LAYING AGAIN A FOUNDATION OF REPENTANCE FROM DEAD WORKS AND OF FAITH TOWARD GOD, OF THE TEACHING OF BAPTISMS (Or: washings) AND OF LAYING-ON OF HANDS AND OF RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD AND OF ETERNAL JUDGMENT. (ASV, public domain translation with most of the footnotes.)

    Here it is, in a small portion of Scripture! I had been declaring this critical Gospel Truth for a long time before I realized this little summary has it all. What are “the first principles of the Oracles of God?” Read Mk 1:14-15. First, we must sincerely repent and believe God’s Gospel Truth about Righteousness and baptisms or we will not understand the rest. Read Mt 3-7; 1Pe 2:1-8. Ask…seek…knock, Lk 11! Study Justice and Righteousness, especially in the first half of Matthew and in the first half of Romans! Give extra attention to: Mt 3; Mt 5:17-20; Mt 6:1,31-33; Mt 11:1-15; Mt 23; Lk 1:17; Lk 16:15-17; Ro 1:16-25; Ro 3-4; Ro 7:4-6; Ro 8:1-17; Ro 10:3-4; Gal 1-6; Heb 1-10. Everyone, who is “without experience of the Word of Righteousness,” “is a babe,” an unsaved spiritual infant! Read 2Ti 3:10-17. Spiritual infants do not have saving Righteousness from God through Faith! Read Heb 11-13. These infants can only produce “thorns and thistles” since they do not drink God’s “Rain” of Living Water—the Word of God in Spirit and in Truth. Read Jn 7:37-39; 1Co 12:12-13; Heb 5:7-6:12; 1Pe 1-2:3. Physical water baptisms are the work of spiritual infants who have not had “their senses exercised to discern good and evil.” Read Mt 23-25; Mk 13; Lk 21; 2Co 11:1-15; Gal 1:6-12; 2Th 1-3; 1Ti 4; 2Pe 1-3; 2Jn; Jude; Rev 1-22. They will receive God’s “eternal Judgment” if they do not mature and teach God’s true Gospel, Eph 1-6.

    Read Heb 1-13; it won’t take long and mature true Christians are able to understand all of it. In Heb 9:14, what are “dead works?” Read Heb 9:10, located between descriptions of the Old Covenant Law of Sin and Death and the New Covenant Law of the Spirit of Life. Also, read Ro 1-13; Gal 1-6 about these Laws. A person cannot belong to both Laws; it is impossible. Now, look at Heb 9:10 in various translations of God’s Holy Bible:
    Heb 9:10: being only (with meats, and drinks and divers washings) carnal ordinances imposed until a time of reformation. (ASV)
    Heb 9:10: These rules are merely about such things as eating, and drinking and ceremonies for washing ourselves. And rules about physical things will last only until the time comes to change them for something better. (CEV – not recommended)
    Heb 9:10: consisting only of meats, and drinks and divers washings, ordinances of flesh imposed until the time of setting things right. (DRB)
    Heb 9:10: They are physical regulations and only deal with food, drink and various washings, imposed until the time of restoration. (HCSB)
    Heb 9:10: since they deal only with food, drink and various washings, which are required for the body until the time when things would be set right. (ISV)
    Heb 9:10: Which stood only in meats, and drinks, and divers washings and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of reformation. (KJV)
    Heb 9:10: solummodo in cibis et in potibus et variis baptismis et iustitiis carnis usque ad tempus correctionis inpositis (LAT) (Notice the word “justitiis” and consider the futility of carnal, works of the flesh, “justification”!)
    Heb 9:10: only on foods, and drinks and various immersions, even ordinances of flesh until a time of setting things right being imposed. (LIT)
    Heb 9:10: since they consist only in meats, and drinks and various ablutions, carnal ordinances imposed until the time of reformation. (MNT)
    Heb 9:10: since they relate only to food, and drink and various washings, regulations for the body imposed until a time of reformation. (NASB)
    Heb 9:10: These gifts and sacrifices were only about food, and drink and special washings. They were rules for the body to be followed until the time of God’s New Way. (NCV)
    Heb 9:10: They are only a matter of food, and drink and various ceremonial washings—external regulations applying until the time of the New Order. (NIV)
    Heb 9:10: (concerned) only with foods, and drinks, various washings and fleshly ordinances, imposed until the time of reformation. (NKJV)
    Heb 9:10: For that old system deals only with food, and drink and ritual washing—external regulations that are in effect only until their limitations can be corrected. (NLT – not recommended)
    Heb 9:10: but deal only with food, and drink and various baptisms, regulations for the body imposed until the time comes to set things right. (NRSV)
    Heb 9:10: But which served only for food, and drink and in various ablutions, which are ordinances of the flesh and were imposed until the time of the reformation. (Peshitta translation by G. Lamsa)
    Heb 9:10: (Consisting) only of foods, and drinks and various washings, being ordinances of the flesh imposed until the time of setting things right. (Recovery Version)
    Heb 9:10: but are limited to matters of ritual and behavior. It’s essentially a temporary arrangement until a complete overhaul could be made. (The Message – definitely not recommended)
    Heb 9:10: They are only a matter of food, and drink and various ceremonial washings—external regulations applying until the time of the New Order. (TNIV)
    Heb 9:10: mo’non epi’ broo’masin kai’ po’masin kai’diafo’rois baptismoi’s, dikaioo’mata sarko’s me’chri kairou’diorthoo’seoos epikei’mena. (TPR)
    Heb 9:10: monon epi bromasin, kai pomasin kai diaforois baptismois, dikaiomata sarkos mechri kairoudiorthoseos epikeimena. (TUA) (Definition of dikaiomata/dikaiomasi(n): dues, fees, lawfully, right!)
    Heb 9:10: [Which stood] only in meats, and drinks, and divers washings and carnal ordinances, imposed [on them] until the time of reformation. (WEB)
    Heb 9:10: For their efficacy depends only on meats, and drinks and various washings, ceremonies pertaining to the body and imposed until a time of reformation. (WEY)
    Heb 9:10: since they deal only with food, and drink and various washings, that is with mere material regulations, which are in force only until the time of setting things straight. (WNT)
    Heb 9:10: only in victuals, and drinks, and different baptisms and fleshly ordinances—till the time of reformation imposed upon [them]. (YGB)

    John the Baptist baptized with physical water but Jesus Christ baptizes with God’s Holy Spirit. Read Mt 3; Mk 1; Lk 3:1-22; Jn 1-21; Ac 1-5; Ac 10-11; Ac 13; Ac 15:1-35. Now, there is only one baptism of God’s Holy Spirit through His Son. Read Jn 7:37-39; 1Co 12:12-13; Eph 4:4-7. The Lord Jesus Christ is “the Last Adam … a Life-giving Spirit” from God His Father! Read Ro 5; Ro 7:4-6; 1Co 15:45-49. Only believers, who belong to God, will understand His baptism Scriptures. Read Jn 7-9; 2Th 2. Only believers, who have God’s one and only baptism, will have eternal Life. Read Jn 10-21 again and again until you understand these critical Scriptures.

    All mature true Christians have received God’s Power through Jesus Christ, including His Wisdom, His Righteousness, His Holiness and His Redemption, when they sincerely repent, believe and desire to obey His Word. Read 1Co 1. There is only one “Mind of Christ” and all true Christians of the last 2000 years will have the same Mind of Christ. Read 1Co 2. Lies cannot dwell in a person along with God’s exact original Gospel Truth. Read 1Co 3. Either a person has God’s saving Gospel Truth or Satan’s lies; there is no middle ground. Read 2Co 11:1-15. Either a person has God’s Light or Satan’s darkness; there is no middle ground. Read Jn 3:14-21; Ro 13. Either a person has eternal Life or eternal Judgment; there is no middle ground. Read 2Co 3-7:1. Pray for Understanding from God! Ask God to bless you with His Wisdom and His Understanding! Read Lk 11-13.

    Heb 1:1-3: God, having of old time spoken unto the fathers in the Prophets by divers portions and in divers manners, hath at the end of these days spoken unto us in His Son whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds. Who, being the effulgence of His Glory and the very image of His Substance and upholding all things by the Word of His Power, when He had made purification of sins sat down on the Right Hand of the Majesty on High. (ASV, public domain.)

    Who has “made purification of sins”? Who has been “appointed heir of all things”? Read Mt 16; Jn 2-6. Jesus Christ is building His heavenly Church “by the Word of His Power”. A spiritual infant, who “mindest not the things of God but the things of men” instead, cannot belong to His heavenly Church. Jesus Christ has already provided everything we need for our salvation. Read Jn 1; 2Pe 1. We cannot expect to be saved if we believe in any works of the flesh from the OT Law and that includes all physical water baptisms. They are works of the flesh done to the flesh by the hands of flesh. Paul’s warnings against physical circumcisions also apply to all physical water baptisms. Read Gal 1-6; Php 1-4; Col 1-4. Spiritual infants, who continue with works of the flesh from the Old Covenant Law of Sin and Death, have rejected salvation through Faith in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Word of God, Rev 19. Spiritual infants, who continue with physical water baptisms, have rejected the Righteousness of the Son of God and His Father! Salvation must begin with spiritual Faith in the Righteousness of God and His Son. Read Mt 3-12; Mk 1:14-15; Ro 1-8; 1Th 1-5; 2Th 1-3; 1Jn 2. All unbelievers will be thrown into the unquenchable Lake of Fire! Read Mt 13; Mk 4; Lk 8-10. Believe, repent and obey “the Word of His Power!” In Mt 6:33a, the Lord said, “But seek ye first His Kingdom and His Righteousness!” Listen!

    Serving “The Lord our Righteousness” for the Glory of God the Father,
    anne robare / canawedding at aol dot com. Ask for more free proof. God’s Water of Life is always free!

  9. kinkjibrify says:

    Solid article: will visit once more!

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  11. I hope those studying this issue will read the new book by Peter Lumpkins, “Alcohol Today: Abstinence in an Age of Indulgence,” Hannibal Books, 2009 (hannibalbooks.com).

    The Foreword to “Alcohol Today” is written by Jerry Vines and it is recommended by Paige Patterson, Hayes Wicker, Junior Hill, Jack Graham, Jim Richards, Brad Reynolds, O. S. Hawkins, John Sullivan, and others.

    W. A. Criswell’s position on this issue is also notable, total abstinence (wacriswell.com).
    David R. Brumbelow

  12. Dave Emme says:

    Certainly many will have their own perceptions and beliefs of the use of alcohol in the bible and if it is acceptable practice to drink beer or some other alcoholic beverage.

    Sometimes people do get petty over seemingly insignificant attitudes of the physical. Yet we are not Gnostics presuming anything dealing with physical matter i.e. the body is sinful.

    I find it kind of peculiar that some one would comment about Baptism to Baptist believers.

    The view seen is not a correc perspective in Baptism, but that any physical baptism is seen adding to salvation when Most Baptists if not all would heartily agree with this thought, yet still maintaining water baptism as symbolic of an inner transformation at spiritual birth.

    So does this also mean the sacraments are now evil?

    I suppose they could be with one glaring omission; Christ instituted and started a physical ceremony testifying of the shed blood and broken body of Christ.

    Yet what has been ignored by the author of this post is the very fact that the bible teaches Christ indeed water baptized before his death as well as the seventy comissioned disciples of Christ.

    Simply, after the ressurection, many in the bible did indeed practise water baptism including Paul who was not a part of the seventy comissioned by Christ during his earthly ministry.

    What is the point of all this? This is a theological joural with the express purposes of studying God and studying God within the pages of the bible down to the merest of arcane details in the book of life.

    To come here, lambast many for having an opinion on alcohol and judged as not saved, expounding on the fact that the author has the true gospel as if there is a dichotomy between the seemingly insignificant ideas discussed about the bible and salvation, and then lecture those who claim only believers baptism as this is the key issue that seperates us from the Protestants. Through the ages many persecuted and killed those who practiced rebaptizing those whom placed faith in Christ for the first time and viewed as our Godly heritage, to write what this person wrote is near to oxymoronic thinking supposing they are the only ones who has the truth and the only one to have the gospel.

    There are a few characteristics of those who read this journal: 1. In full time ministry 2. Went to Seminary 3. Those who love to study the bible and read what others teach in theological journals.

    In other words, people reading this are not amatuers or novices concerning the word of God and salvation yet obviously this is the opinion of the author.

    If having an opinion about a practice within Christianity is a mark of someone lost, what does this say about the person expressing this thought obviously haves an opinion on alcohol?

    On the other hand, we know according to Paul, every single word of scripture is good for doctrine-even the ones speaking of wine.

    Just seems like many in our day and age have no problem white washing a whole community of believers for not meeting up to the standards of right and wrong persued by ths author.

    Please stop placing yourself in the place of God judging many based on the most asnine understandings of one person who evidantly is not God.

    Repent and believe the gospel(In the words of Christ)

    Dave Emme

  13. Michael Swanson says:

    I would like to know why alcohol prohibitionists always point to the verses in Proverbs as the source that we should not drink alcohol. If the verses in Proverbs mean we should not drink at all, then the Bible has contradicted itself. Jesus was called a glutton and a winebibber. If Jesus only drank grape juice then why did people call Him that. Also, these prohibitionist never talk about Duet. 14:26, where God told the Jewish people to drink wine and other fermented drink. The underlying theme about alcohol in the Bible is to avoid over indulgence, the same goes for food. Saying that the Bible says we should not drink alcohol at all, is “adding and subtracting” from scripture.

  14. Michael,
    No Bible contradiction at all. The NT also condemns alcohol, and commands us to be sober (1 Thessalonians 5:6-8; 1 Peter 1:13; 5:8). The first drink ends your sobriety, just ask anyone from AA. They had fermented, unfermented, and slightly fermented wine in Bible times. They had, and could preserve, un-intoxicating wine, as is attested by Aristotle, Nicander, Cato, Colummella, Pliny, as well as modern scholars.

    Jesus miraculously created wine. John 2 does not say it was intoxicating wine; that is your interpretation. Unfermented and very slightly fermented wine were very common in NT times. Jesus created wine just as He does every year in every vineyard, although with a faster process. You quote Jesus’ enemies as though what they said about Him was true. They also accused Him of having a demon; I’m sure you would not agree with that one.

    Shekar in Deuteronomy 14:26 is thought by most scholars to refer only to an alcoholic drink; but not all scholars agree. See NKJV; also Young’s Concordance says, “sweet drink (what satiates or intoxicates).”

    Peter Lumpkins’ “Alcohol Today” addresses well every one of your points. So does the sermon, “Libertinism: A Baptist and his Booze,” by Jerry Vines.
    David R. Brumbelow

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  16. scott matcherz says:

    The PDF of Dr. Geisler’s PowerPoint is available at:


  17. Avery Mclees says:

    This an Good blog post, I will be sure to bookmark this post in my StumbleUpon account. Have a good evening.

  18. anne robare says:

    For Dave Emme,

    Sorry this is so late but i thought everyone had lost interest in this subjest. Without the right one Baptism by the one Lord through the one Faith in His Righteousness, the Scriptures can never be fully understood by anyone, including the wine Scriptures. It is only through the Power of God’s one Baptism that true Christians receive Wisdom from God, Righteousness from God, Holiness from God and Redemption from God, also called “the Mind of Christ”, 1Co 1-2. In these Last Days, almost everyone, who calls themselves Christians, will have a form of godliness but they deny the Power because they are all surrounding themselves with teachers who only tell them what their itchy ears want to hear, 2Ti 3-4.

    The works of the flesh are sinful, Ro 8:1-9. Everything that is not of the one Faith, which is believing in the unseen, is sin, Ro 14:23; Heb 11:1,6.

    Why have i commented about baptisms to Baptists? All of you immersion baptizers are prophesied in Sardis of Rev 3 and in other Scriptures, such as Mt 23; 2Pe 2; Jde.

    Are the physical sacraments evil? Yes, they are because the true New Covenant Gospel has no physical sacraments. God is Spirit and He is only looking for worshipers who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, none other need to apply because they will be rejected, Jn 4:4-26. Jesus Christ never instituted any physical sacraments, only spiritual. Here is how serious this is:

    To all physical water baptism lovers,

    Multitudes, who call themselves Christians, have never obeyed the real Lord Jesus Christ’s command in Mt 6:33a and, therefore, multitudes of so-called Christians have never gone through the narrow Gate to travel on the narrow Road to eternal Life in God’s Glory. Multitudes of so-called Christians think they worship the real Lord Jesus Christ but they will hear Him say, to their horror when it is too late, that He never knew them, Mt 7:21-23. The false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs will most certainly hear these Words from the real Lord Jesus Christ. Who are the false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs? The following reveals who they are.


    The mark of the Beast, the lie of 2Th 2 and physical water baptisms, performed after Ac 11, are all the same evil. Six times we read that John baptized with water but Jesus Christ baptizes with His Holy Spirit, Mt 3; Mk 1; Lk 3; Jn 1; Ac 1; Ac 11. Jesus Christ’s Baptism is the one and only saving spiritual Baptism of God’s New Covenant according to Scriptures such as Mt 20; Mt 28; Mk 10; Mk 16; Lk 11-12; Lk 24; Jn 1-7; Ro 1-8; 1Co 6:9-20; 1Co 12:12-13; Gal 3; Eph 4:4-7; Eph 5:25-32; Col 1-2; Jas 1:16-18; 1Pe 1-3. Why have multitudes refused to believe what John the Baptist said and ignored what took place at John’s baptism? After John the Baptist went to prison, Jesus Christ began His earthly Ministry. During the time of His earthly Ministry, His apostles did not baptize anyone in or with physical water. Don’t stumble on Jn 3:22-4:3, because in Jn 3:22-4:3, John the Baptist wasn’t in prison yet and the apostle John’s Gospel is not in chronological order. So, if the apostles did not perform any physical water baptisms during Jesus Christ’s entire earthly Ministry, what makes anyone think that Mt 28; Mk 16; Ac 1-7; Ac 9; Ac 12-28; etc. are about physical water? They aren’t! They are about “Living Water”, “the Water of Life”, that we must also spiritually drink! Read Jn 4:4-26; Jn 7:37-39; Rev 21-22. In Ac 8; Ac 10, the apostles had a temporary problem accepting non-Jews without first putting them through a Jewish washing ritual but in Ac 10-11 Peter learned that he began to oppose God! In Ac 10, God baptized the non-Jews and made them clean, Jn 15:1-17. Non-Jews will be chosen by God and included in God’s Plan of Salvation in the very same Way as the believing Jews: through repentance and Faith that lead to obedience, Mt 3-7; Mk 1:14-15; Jn 8-21; Ac 11; Ac 15; Ro 1-16; Gal 1-6; etc. Through repentance and Faith in God’s Word we receive God’s one Baptism from the Lord Jesus Christ, Ac 2:47b; Eph 4. Without Faith there is no Grace and no Salvation. Multitudes do not have the Grace they claim to have because they do not have the one Faith according to God’s definition. This is the reason for all of the variations among denominations, sects and cults. They have all invented their own false gospels instead of believing and obeying what Jesus Christ taught and told us to do, especially first of all in Mt 6:33a. Did you begin where Jesus Christ told us to begin? If not, start over as Paul did, Php 3. We must begin with Faith in the Righteousness that is revealed in the Gospel, Ro 1-4.

    When Jesus Christ changed the water into wine, He revealed His Holy Spirit Baptism into and with His Name. In Jn 2:1-11, at His order, His servants filled the jars with water, symbolizing His spiritual Living Water, but He, not His servants, changed the water and He still changes the Water into wine, symbolizing His spiritual Holy Blood of the New Covenant, Heb 10. In 2Co 3-5, Paul finished the lesson that began in Jn 2 because there are three that testify the Name: the Water, the Blood and the Spirit, 1Jn 5. The same three were revealed in the parable of the Good Samaritan although the Water and Blood were both symbolized with the wine and the Spirit with the oil, Lk 10. In Rev 6, the same three were revealed in the descriptions of the four horses and horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first symbolized the oil, the Light and Power of God’s Holy Spirit Baptism that helps us to overcome as we are all commanded to do, Rev 2-3. The second symbolized the wine, the Living Water and the Blood of the Word of God, Mt 10. The third symbolized true Christians declaring the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ, working for our daily Living Bread, the Food that does not spoil, Jn 6. We are all commanded not to hurt the oil and wine because to grieve God’s Holy Spirit and to attempt to change His Word will result in eternal death in the Lake of Fire, symbolized by the fourth horse and horseman. To deny the three that testify is to deny the Name that we must be baptized into and with. His Name is “The Word of God”, Rev 19! Jesus Christ’s Words are Spirit and are Life, Jn 6! Those who believe will have Life in His Name, Jn 20. Those who deny His Name, are calling God a liar as the apostle John warned us not to do, 1Jn 5. False Christians, who have continued to believe in physical New Covenant water baptisms, remain under the Law of Sin and of Death for continuing with the works of the flesh from the Old Covenant that can never please God and they are all guilty of calling God a liar, Ro 1-11. Repent and believe!

    God’s Name must be written in our foreheads by God, Rev 14. The Word of God must be written on our hearts and in our minds by God, Jn 6; Heb 8-10. No human was ever given the ability and authority to see inside hearts and minds. No human can determine who will belong to God’s Kingdom or confirm anyone’s entry into God’s Kingdom or perform any sign of entry into God’s Kingdom. Those who claim they can, are false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs, Mt 24; 2Th 2; 1Jn 1-5; 2Jn; etc. The only sign given to this evil generation is “the sign of Jonah” that they do not understand because they do not belong to God, Mt 12; Mt 16; Lk 11-12; Jn 8. So, false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs also wash the outside and leave the inside full of greed, wickedness and dead men’s bones just like the unbelieving Jews of 2000 years ago, who were the first synagogue of Satan that is the first beast, Mt 23; Rev 2; Rev 13; etc. Therefore, false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs are the second synagogue of Satan that is the image of the first beast, Rev 3. They all have the mark of the beast that was revealed in Jn 6:66; Jn 13; etc. Like the unbelieving Jews, the false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs also refuse to believe that Jesus Christ’s Words are Spirit and are Life and that believing, we have Life in His Name, Jn 20. Read how George Fox declared the same Gospel Truth over 300 years ago, especially in Doctrinal Books III, Volume 6, pp.260-309 but do not follow today’s Quakers who are nothing like the true Christian Quakers. The true Christian Quakers perfectly fit the description of the Rev 3 Philadelphia church years before some of them founded Philadelphia, USA! They exposed the false Christians, heretics, anti-Christs as I had been doing for more than 3 years before I read what the true Christian Quakers wrote. The second synagogue of Satan, the image of the first beast, persecuted this last large group of true Christians who kept God’s Word and did not deny His Name, the Name we must all call upon to be saved, Ac 1-4.

    Is it hard to believe that so many are wrong? Many are called but few are chosen because few will believe, repent and obey God’s Word, Mt 22. Only a few will be taught by God as we must be, Jn 6; 1Jn 2. Those, who foolishly trust in liars, thieves, spiritual adulterers and spiritual murderers, will all remain under the curse of Jer 17; Gal 3; Rev 22, and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Do you want to remain among them? If not, start over. Seek first, find, repent and believe in the Righteousness from God that is revealed in the Gospel and the one Baptism of His Name. Then obey God’s Word by becoming a bondservant of His Righteousness through His Power and for His Glory. This is the true saving Gospel!

    God has filled my jar with Wine, my vessel with Oil and His True Light is shining. Believe and repent! Call upon His Name!
    anne robare, email me at canawedding at aol dot com and ask for more free proof and confirmations. I have lots more.

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  20. Unfermented Wine Was Easily Preserved

    For those who say, like one commenter above: “Unfermented grape juice can exist only if pasteurized. Even refrigerated juice will ferment over time, as will most cold things–just look in the back of your refrigerator at the stuff you have not thrown out for months.”

    This statement is false. It is false historically and scientifically. Two common ways ancients preserved wine in its unfermented (grape juice) state was by boiling it down, and by making unfermented wine from dried grapes or raisins.

    Boiling unfermented wine down to a thick consistency kept it from fermented or spoiling, even at room temperature. It would be preserved for months in this state, and when ready to drink, they just needed to add water.

    There were a number of other ways used to preserve nonalcoholic wine. For more information see: http://gulfcoastpastor.blogspot.com/2010/10/preserving-unfermented-wine-in-bible.html
    David R. Brumbelow

  21. I’ve recently started a site, and the information you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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  26. Eugene says:

    Would you encourage a person to start drinking? Why or why not?

  27. Christian liberty says:

    That Norman Geislers PowerPoint was a prime example of BAD argumentation and drawing hasty generalizations and jumping to conclusions based on his own presuppositions.
    I just lost my last respects for him as a scholar.

  28. Chuck Kenny says:

    To me it is interesting to see people discuss the questions of whether or not people can drink or not. (Fermented beverage). I of course prefer not to throw bible verses at each other like you were two lawyers trying to prove their case to a jury of people. Coming from a background of recovery ministry in churches I can only share with you the pain and suffering that comes from drunkenness. The spiritual decay is overwhelming. The genetic hand me down of intolerance for control when it comes to drinking alcohol increases with each generation. As prophecised as we approach the last days. The damage done by alcohol consumption costs the U.S. approximately 225 billion dollars annually. The common sense for me is that we are entitled to a personal relationship with God. My reasons for not drinking are between mme and God. As anything we do is presented to us on our big.visit on that eternal day of judgement. These are ugly times, and after reading this blog it seems to be no different when it comes to believers. Kick out the soap box and put on the gloves. It is time to defend the goodness of our God’s Word.

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