CTR 6/2 (Spring 2009): Interracial Marriage

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“A Biblical Perspective on Interracial Marriage”
-J. Daniel Hays

“Interethnic Marriages in the New Testament (Matt 1:3-6; Acts7:29; 16:1-3; cf. 1 Cor. 7:14)”
-Craig Keener

“The Curse of Ham”
-Edwin M. Yamauchi

“Interracial Marriage and Emergent Truth”
-Russell D. Moore

“Statement About Race at Bob Jones University”

“Unequally Yoked by Race or by Faith”
-George Yancey

“An Interview with Rodney Woo”
-R. Alan Streett

Book Reviews

Index of Book Reviews

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3 Responses to CTR 6/2 (Spring 2009): Interracial Marriage

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  2. Dr. Streett, I’m overjoyed that you are the editor!…and that you are still using the cover I designed originally. (I also discovered your blog today) Keep us informed, your editorship, and keep up the God work!

  3. Geoge says:

    People who justify their opposition to interracial marriages by using the Bible are (1) Not really Christians but white skin worshipping pagans masquerading as Christians; or (2) simply blaspheming God! End of story!

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