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CTR 13/2 (Spring 2016): Studies in the Synoptic Gospels

The theme for our Spring 2016 edition of CTR pertains to studies on the Synoptic Gospels. Each article is written by a New Testament scholar who engages an assortment of exegetical and theological issues that are part of the vast … Continue reading

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CTR 13/1 (Fall 2015): Issues in Christology

The person of Christ is a mainstay doctrine at the very heart of the Christian faith. That is why there is never any shortage of research, debate, and dialogue about what Scripture says concerning Jesus of Nazareth. In fact, today there … Continue reading

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CTR 12/2 (Spring 2015): Issues in Pauline Studies

There continues to be no shortage of discussion among biblical scholars about the theology of Paul. Monographs, articles, and substantial volumes continue to be published as thinkers engage such important topics as Paul’s view of justification, the law, Israel, Christ, … Continue reading

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CTR 12/1 (Fall 2014): Open Theme

Occasionally CTR provides academic forums that are not devoted to a specific theme so contributors can provide specialized essays on a broad spectrum of topics. And this Fall 2014 edition serves as such a volume. Herein, readers can engage two … Continue reading

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CTR 11/2 (Spring 2014): Christianity and Economics

The subject of economics receives attention from a broad spectrum of voices including political journalists and specialized analysts as well as biblical scholars and theologians. The main reason for such an array of interested parties is because the topic touches … Continue reading

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CTR 11/1 (Fall 2013): The Meaning of the Millennium

For centuries, the millennium that is mentioned in Revelation 20 has been a source of spirited discussion among Christians. So in recognition of the potential for robust scholarly engagement about such an important topic, on October 12, 2012, Criswell College hosted … Continue reading

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CTR 10/2 (Spring 2013): The Significance of the Historical Adam

Did Adam (and Eve) actually exist? Historically, the general confession among believers of all Christian traditions has been a resounding yes.  Likewise, the faculty and administration here at Criswell College unequivocally affirm that Scripture teaches this truth.  However in recent … Continue reading

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CTR 10/1 (Fall 2012): Open Theme

The Fall of 2012 marks a new transition in the life of the Criswell Theological Review.  For approximately a decade, Dr. R. Alan Streett has served as editor and successfully maintained a high standard of scholarship for this publication.  Scholars … Continue reading

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CTR 9/2 (Spring 2012): Jewish Studies

The Spring 2012 edition of Criswell Theological Review features several articles on the theme of Jewish Studies, including essays on Jewish and Gentile identity “in Christ.”  As our readers know, this issue is the focus of much debate among scholars … Continue reading

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CTR 9/1 (Fall 2011): Open Theme

The Fall 2011 edition of Criswell Theological Review offers our subscribers several articles dealing with biblical and theological studies. Rusty Osborne, editor and moderator of, examines Ezekiel’s use of irony in Ezekiel 20:1-44 as a means of maximizing prophetic … Continue reading

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