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CTR 10/1 (Fall 2012): Open Theme

The Fall of 2012 marks a new transition in the life of the Criswell Theological Review.  For approximately a decade, Dr. R. Alan Streett has served as editor and successfully maintained a high standard of scholarship for this publication.  Scholars … Continue reading

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CTR 9/2 (Spring 2012): Jewish Studies

The Spring 2012 edition of Criswell Theological Review features several articles on the theme of Jewish Studies, including essays on Jewish and Gentile identity “in Christ.”  As our readers know, this issue is the focus of much debate among scholars … Continue reading

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CTR 9/1 (Fall 2011): Open Theme

The Fall 2011 edition of Criswell Theological Review offers our subscribers several articles dealing with biblical and theological studies. Rusty Osborne, editor and moderator of, examines Ezekiel’s use of irony in Ezekiel 20:1-44 as a means of maximizing prophetic … Continue reading

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CTR 8/2 (Spring 2011): Open Theme

This edition of CTR features the contributions of six scholars.  Of these, three deal specifically with issues related to the General Epistles. In the lead article, “The Authorship of Hebrews,” David Allen, Dean of the School of Theology, Southwestern Baptist … Continue reading

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CTR 8/1 (Fall 2010): Open Theme

Herbert Benson, M.D., Associate Professor at Harvard medical School, is known as the “Father of the Relaxation response,” a method used to cope with stress and its results, e.g. elevated blood pressure.  Since the mid- 1970’s Benson has been on … Continue reading

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CTR 7/2 (Spring 2010): Mind-Body Connection

The Spring 2010 edition of CTR is devoted in its entirety to exploring the mind-body connection. To this end we have invited scholars from the disciplines of theology and psychology to address the issue. Mind-body research is an exciting field … Continue reading

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CTR 7/1 (Fall 2009): Open Theme

Editor’s Page -R. Alan Streett “‘Even We Have Believed’: Galatians 2:15-16 Revisited” -Don Garlington “Acts 2 and the Old Testament: The Pentecost Event in Light of Sinai, Babel and the Table of Nations” -Jud Davis “The Covenant in the Book … Continue reading

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CTR 6/2 (Spring 2009): Interracial Marriage

Editor’s Page -R. Alan Streett “A Biblical Perspective on Interracial Marriage” -J. Daniel Hays “Interethnic Marriages in the New Testament (Matt 1:3-6; Acts7:29; 16:1-3; cf. 1 Cor. 7:14)” -Craig Keener “The Curse of Ham” -Edwin M. Yamauchi “Interracial Marriage and … Continue reading

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CTR 6/1 (Fall 2008): The Church and National Politics

Editor’s Page -R. Alan Streett ” The Rule of Decorum: How Sex and Religion Became Public Issues in America ” – Barry Hankins “The Kingdom as a Political-Spiritual Revolution” – Gregory A. Boyd ” Thinking Biblically About Politics ” – … Continue reading

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CTR 5/2 (Spring 2008): Christians and Alcohol

Editor’s Page -R. Alan Streett “‘They Have No Wine:’ Wet/Dry Baptists and the Alcohol Issues” -Bill J. Leonard “The Christian and Alcohol” -Richard Land and Barrett Duke “The Bible and the Question of Alcoholic Beverages” -Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. “Women’s … Continue reading

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