CTR 8/1 (Fall 2010): Open Theme

Herbert Benson, M.D., Associate Professor at Harvard medical School, is known as the “Father of the Relaxation response,” a method used to cope with stress and its results, e.g. elevated blood pressure.  Since the mid- 1970’s Benson has been on the cutting edge of mind body medicine.  His most recent book, The Relaxation Revolution, co-authored with William Proctor, J.D., presents the latest scientific data that validates the effectiveness of relaxation as a therapeutic tool.   

In our lead article, “The Coming Relaxation Revolution: Introducing Evangelical Christians to the Science and Genetics of Mind Body Therapy,” Benson and Proctor make a case that relaxation techniques are compatible with the Christian belief system and suggest ways that evangelicals can practice the Relaxation Response to attain better health.  An informative interview with the authors follows the article. Continue reading

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CTR 7/2 (Spring 2010): Mind-Body Connection

The Spring 2010 edition of CTR is devoted in its entirety to exploring the mind-body connection. To this end we have invited scholars from the disciplines of theology and psychology to address the issue.

Mind-body research is an exciting field of inquiry. Neuroscientists are beginning to prove quantitatively the amazing power of the human brain to accomplish tasks hitherto unthinkable. Now biblical scholars are beginning to ask what relationship exists between soul (mind, spirit, personality) and brain. Our authors address this question from different perspectives. Continue reading

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CTR 7/1 (Fall 2009): Open Theme

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“‘Even We Have Believed’: Galatians 2:15-16 Revisited”
-Don Garlington

“Acts 2 and the Old Testament: The Pentecost Event in Light of Sinai, Babel and the Table of Nations”
-Jud Davis

“The Covenant in the Book of Job”
-Max Rogland

“Qumran and the Messianic Hope”
-Lamar E. Cooper, Sr.

“Speech-Act Theory as a Corollary for Describing the Communicative Dynamics of Biblical Revelation: Some Recommendations and Reservations”
-Everett Berry

Book Reviews

Index of Book Reviews

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CTR 6/2 (Spring 2009): Interracial Marriage

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“A Biblical Perspective on Interracial Marriage”
-J. Daniel Hays

“Interethnic Marriages in the New Testament (Matt 1:3-6; Acts7:29; 16:1-3; cf. 1 Cor. 7:14)”
-Craig Keener

“The Curse of Ham”
-Edwin M. Yamauchi

“Interracial Marriage and Emergent Truth”
-Russell D. Moore

“Statement About Race at Bob Jones University”

“Unequally Yoked by Race or by Faith”
-George Yancey

“An Interview with Rodney Woo”
-R. Alan Streett

Book Reviews

Index of Book Reviews

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CTR 6/1 (Fall 2008): The Church and National Politics

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

” The Rule of Decorum: How Sex and Religion Became Public Issues in America ”
– Barry Hankins

“The Kingdom as a Political-Spiritual Revolution”

– Gregory A. Boyd

” Thinking Biblically About Politics ”
– Ronald J. Sider

“Why War is a Moral Necessity for America or How Realistic Is Realism?”
– Stanley Hauerwas

” Who Will Reclaim the Religious Right—Conservative Christians Or Christian Conservatives? ”

– Russell D. Moore

” Paul’s Purification Rite: Compromise or Cultural Sensitivity? ”

– Steven Cox

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CTR 5/2 (Spring 2008): Christians and Alcohol

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“‘They Have No Wine:’ Wet/Dry Baptists and the Alcohol Issues”
-Bill J. Leonard

“The Christian and Alcohol”
-Richard Land and Barrett Duke

“The Bible and the Question of Alcoholic Beverages”
-Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

“Women’s Christian Temperance Union”
-Sarah F. Ward

“The Famous ‘Booze’ Sermon”
-William “Billy” Sunday

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Website-only Articles:

“To Drink or Not To Drink: A Sober Look at the Question”
-Norman Geisler

Additional Book Reviews

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CTR 5/1 (Fall 2007): Open Theme

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“The Complementary Relationship Between Proverbs and Moses’ Law”
-David L. Brooks

“As It Was In the Days of Noah: The Prophets’ Typological Interpretation Of Noah’s Flood”
-Daniel R. Streett

“How the Post-Apostolic Church Responded to Government: Gleaning Public Do’s and Don’ts from the Second-Century Apologists”
-C. Everett Berry

“Inerrancy Is Not Enough: A Proposal to Amend the Doctrinal Basis of The Evangelical Theological Society”
-Denny R. Burk, Jr. and Ray Van Neste

“Jonathan Edwards, Beauty, and Apologetics”
-Joseph D. Wooddell

“Sing Unto the Lord a New Song: An Examination of the Top 20 Contemporary Songs”
-Paul Jacobs

Book Reviews

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CTR 4/2 (Spring 2007): War and Peace

From the Editor
– R. Alan Street

“Between Pacifism and Crusade: Just-War Moral Reasoning as Consensual Christian Thinking about War and Peace and the Use of Force”
– J. Daryl Charles

“Human Rights, Genocide, and National Sovereignty: Just War Theory—Help or Hindrance?”
– Richard Land

“Is Just War Still An Oxymoron?”
– Timothy Paul Erdel

“Sacrificing the Sacrifices of War”
– Stanley Hauerwas

“War and Peace in Christian Hymnody”
– David W. Music

Book Reviews

Index of Book Reviews

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CTR 4/1 (Fall 2006): Tongues on Fire

CTR 4.1From the Editor
– by R. Alan Streett

Interview with Tom Hatley, Former Chair, International Mission Board of Trustees (Southern Baptist Convention)
– by R. Alan Streett
[see response from Wade Burleson]

“A History of Influence: The Charismatic Movement and the SBC”
– by Edward Watson

“Confessions of a Post-Pentecostal Believer in the Charismatic Gifts”
– by Roger E. Olson

“Tongues as the Initial Evidence of Baptism in the Holy Spirit–A Pentecostal Perspective”
– by Paul G. Chappell

“The Incompatibility of a Christian Perspective and Sign Gifts”
– by Barry K. Creamer

“The Heart of a Baptist”
– by Malcolm B. Yarnell, III

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CTR 3/2 (Spring 2006): The Emerging Church

CoverFrom the Editor
– by R. Alan Streett

An Interview with Brian McLaren
– by R. Alan Streett

“Narrating the World Once Again: A Case for an Ancient–Future Faith”
– by Robert Webber

“An Ecclesiological Assessment of the Emergent Church”
– by John S. Hammett

“Mountain or Molehill? The Question of Truth and the Emerging Church”
– by David Mills

“Some Suggestions for Brian McLaren (and his Critics)”
– by R. Scott Smith

“A Pastoral Perspective on the Emergent Church”
– by Mark Driscoll

“A Selective Bibliography of the Emergent Church Movement”
– by Andrew D. Streett

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