CTR 7/1 (Fall 2009): Open Theme

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“‘Even We Have Believed’: Galatians 2:15-16 Revisited”
-Don Garlington

“Acts 2 and the Old Testament: The Pentecost Event in Light of Sinai, Babel and the Table of Nations”
-Jud Davis

“The Covenant in the Book of Job”
-Max Rogland

“Qumran and the Messianic Hope”
-Lamar E. Cooper, Sr.

“Speech-Act Theory as a Corollary for Describing the Communicative Dynamics of Biblical Revelation: Some Recommendations and Reservations”
-Everett Berry

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CTR 6/2 (Spring 2009): Interracial Marriage

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“A Biblical Perspective on Interracial Marriage”
-J. Daniel Hays

“Interethnic Marriages in the New Testament (Matt 1:3-6; Acts7:29; 16:1-3; cf. 1 Cor. 7:14)”
-Craig Keener

“The Curse of Ham”
-Edwin M. Yamauchi

“Interracial Marriage and Emergent Truth”
-Russell D. Moore

“Statement About Race at Bob Jones University”

“Unequally Yoked by Race or by Faith”
-George Yancey

“An Interview with Rodney Woo”
-R. Alan Streett

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CTR 6/1 (Fall 2008): The Church and National Politics

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

” The Rule of Decorum: How Sex and Religion Became Public Issues in America ”
– Barry Hankins

“The Kingdom as a Political-Spiritual Revolution”

– Gregory A. Boyd

” Thinking Biblically About Politics ”
– Ronald J. Sider

“Why War is a Moral Necessity for America or How Realistic Is Realism?”
– Stanley Hauerwas

” Who Will Reclaim the Religious Right—Conservative Christians Or Christian Conservatives? ”

– Russell D. Moore

” Paul’s Purification Rite: Compromise or Cultural Sensitivity? ”

– Steven Cox

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CTR 5/2 (Spring 2008): Christians and Alcohol

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“‘They Have No Wine:’ Wet/Dry Baptists and the Alcohol Issues”
-Bill J. Leonard

“The Christian and Alcohol”
-Richard Land and Barrett Duke

“The Bible and the Question of Alcoholic Beverages”
-Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.

“Women’s Christian Temperance Union”
-Sarah F. Ward

“The Famous ‘Booze’ Sermon”
-William “Billy” Sunday

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“To Drink or Not To Drink: A Sober Look at the Question”
-Norman Geisler

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CTR 5/1 (Fall 2007): Open Theme

Editor’s Page
-R. Alan Streett

“The Complementary Relationship Between Proverbs and Moses’ Law”
-David L. Brooks

“As It Was In the Days of Noah: The Prophets’ Typological Interpretation Of Noah’s Flood”
-Daniel R. Streett

“How the Post-Apostolic Church Responded to Government: Gleaning Public Do’s and Don’ts from the Second-Century Apologists”
-C. Everett Berry

“Inerrancy Is Not Enough: A Proposal to Amend the Doctrinal Basis of The Evangelical Theological Society”
-Denny R. Burk, Jr. and Ray Van Neste

“Jonathan Edwards, Beauty, and Apologetics”
-Joseph D. Wooddell

“Sing Unto the Lord a New Song: An Examination of the Top 20 Contemporary Songs”
-Paul Jacobs

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CTR 4/2 (Spring 2007): War and Peace

From the Editor
– R. Alan Street

“Between Pacifism and Crusade: Just-War Moral Reasoning as Consensual Christian Thinking about War and Peace and the Use of Force”
– J. Daryl Charles

“Human Rights, Genocide, and National Sovereignty: Just War Theory—Help or Hindrance?”
– Richard Land

“Is Just War Still An Oxymoron?”
– Timothy Paul Erdel

“Sacrificing the Sacrifices of War”
– Stanley Hauerwas

“War and Peace in Christian Hymnody”
– David W. Music

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CTR 4/1 (Fall 2006): Tongues on Fire

CTR 4.1From the Editor
– by R. Alan Streett

Interview with Tom Hatley, Former Chair, International Mission Board of Trustees (Southern Baptist Convention)
– by R. Alan Streett
[see response from Wade Burleson]

“A History of Influence: The Charismatic Movement and the SBC”
– by Edward Watson

“Confessions of a Post-Pentecostal Believer in the Charismatic Gifts”
– by Roger E. Olson

“Tongues as the Initial Evidence of Baptism in the Holy Spirit–A Pentecostal Perspective”
– by Paul G. Chappell

“The Incompatibility of a Christian Perspective and Sign Gifts”
– by Barry K. Creamer

“The Heart of a Baptist”
– by Malcolm B. Yarnell, III

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CTR 3/2 (Spring 2006): The Emerging Church

CoverFrom the Editor
– by R. Alan Streett

An Interview with Brian McLaren
– by R. Alan Streett

“Narrating the World Once Again: A Case for an Ancient–Future Faith”
– by Robert Webber

“An Ecclesiological Assessment of the Emergent Church”
– by John S. Hammett

“Mountain or Molehill? The Question of Truth and the Emerging Church”
– by David Mills

“Some Suggestions for Brian McLaren (and his Critics)”
– by R. Scott Smith

“A Pastoral Perspective on the Emergent Church”
– by Mark Driscoll

“A Selective Bibliography of the Emergent Church Movement”
– by Andrew D. Streett

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CTR 3/1 (Fall 2005): Open Theme

Cover“Current Challenges to the Christian Canon”
-Pate, C. Marvin.

“Images of Hell in the Tours of Hell: Are They True?”
-Eldon Woodcock

“Man in the Image of God: A Reappraisal.”
-R. Larry Overstreet

“Highlighting the Link between the Millennium and Replacement Thought: Augustinian Nonchiliasm as a Test Case.”
-C. Everett Berry

“John 20:22—Help from Dry Bones?”
-John Pretlove

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CTR 2/2 (Spring 2005): The New Perspective on Paul

CoverAn Interview with N. T. Wright
-R. Alan Streett

An Interview with Martin Hengel
-R. Alan Streett

“The New Perspective on Paul: An Appraisal Two Decades Later”
-Donald B. Garlington

“The New Perspective and Means of Atonement in Jewish Literature of the Second Temple Period”
-Charles L. Quarles

“When the Dust Finally Settles: Coming to a Post-New Perspective Perspective”
-Michael F. Bird

“Christian Justification: A Reformation Baptist View”
-Malcolm Yarnell

“The New Perspective on Paul: A Select and Annotated Bibliography”
-Jay E. Smith

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